Quotations are given based on the information provided by the hirer and prices are based on factors including the mileage from point A to point B, the mount of time involved in completing the booking, the date, availability and the route. All quotations include the vehicle hire, the driver, the fuel and all insurances. Any additional requirements should be discussed with a representative before placing a booking as extra charges may apply.

Bookings are based on the number of passengers and the luggage stated at the time of quotation. When placing a booking via phone you will be asked to confirm all of the information is correct before taking a payment. When making a payment transfer without speaking with a representative we will assume that all information we have on your quotation is correct and that no amendments need to be made. Adding passengers, pick ups or any other requirements after this payment is received may still result in additional charges applying. You should always check with a representative if you want to make changes.

Based on the information provided, we will only guarantee to provide a vehicle suitable for the amount of luggage and passengers stated. For example, where you have selected 15 passengers and a 1 to 15 seat minibus it is not safe to assume that you will receive a 16 seater. For example; where 1 passengers are travelling and your quotation states 1-15 seat minibus, we may send you a vehicle with between 1 and 15 seats. Where a 1 seater is available, this will be a likely vehicle for you to receive. If your passenger number increases or you would like to guarantee a certain amount of seats in order to provide extra room for passengers in the vehicle, please discuss this with us and we will advise on the best option – this doesn’t always incur an additional cost. Also, if you select no luggage or lap luggage, you may receive a vehicle without a boot space on board. It is always best to ensure that all details are correct before booking.

Booking and Confirmation

A booking is not confirmed unless we have received a deposit. We cannot hold vehicles without the payment of a deposit of 50%. You may click the ‘book now’ link and receive an email which thanks you for your booking, however, it is not a confirmed booking unless the deposit it paid. Where a deposit is not paid by the hirer the vehicle is still available for other clients to book. We work on a first come first serve basis and in times of limited availability it is always best to place a deposit immediately in order to avoid disappointment. You should always check availability with an advisor before making a bank transfer to ensure that the vehicle is still available.

Once a booking is confirmed by placing a deposit, Reliance chauffeurs reserves the right to cancel the booking if the vehicle booked is not suitable for the route and risks damage or injury to the vehicle, the passengers or other road users. If this cancellation is deemed necessary, a full refund will be issued. Our drivers are also instructed that should the entrance to a venue be too tight for the vehicle that they should park as close as is safe and possible so that the passengers can embark and disembark the vehicle in the safest position. No refund will be provided for unforeseen issues with venue entrances or car parks.


In order to secure a booking a deposit of 50% is required. The remaining 50% must be received by the company at least 14 days prior to travel unless otherwise agreed in writing. If full payment is not received within the specified timeframe Reliance chauffeurs Travel reserves the right to cancel the booking and the hirer will loose 100% of the money paid. R eliance chauffeurs will make reasonable attempts at contacting the client via phone and email before having to take this action.

With regards to ferries or Eurotunnel bookings this must be paid in full before it can be confirmed. 14 days prior and deposit terms do not apply.

Payments can be made by Palpal /credit card and bank transfer. There are no additional charges for credit card payments.

Payments can only be made via card more than 2 weeks prior to travel.

Parking Charges

All parking charges are not included in the quotation price.

In terms of race days like Ascot, Cheltenham, Newmarket, and the Grand National all relevant parking must be prearranged by you the passenger before the day of travel. This is also the same for events at stadiums and concert venues including Wembley, Twickenham, Ricoh Arena, Old Trafford, and The Etihad.

Parking charges are not included in the quotation price unless otherwise agreed with staff and presented to you in writing.

For events such as racedays,

General Terms and Conditions

By placing a booking with Reliance chauffeurs, Customers are confirming that they have read, understood and agreed to abide by the above Terms and Conditions. Please ensure you understand them fully prior to placing a booking.